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The idea of polishing architectural concrete elements is still in the beginning stages in the US, but a common product in countries such as Belgium, France, Denmark and Australia, where the polished finish represents up to 25% of one company’s production.


  • Polished precast is a moldable product, much easier to work than curvilinear or complex curved elements in natural stone.
  • One mold can be used repeatedly, so when the building calls for many repetitions of curvilinear pieces, then concrete has a definite production cost advantage.
  • Textures can be mixed: Acid-wash, sandblasted, exposed and polished can provide interesting contrasts in design within the same element.
  • Polishing the aggregate-faced panel creates a more “closed” surface, resisting dirt; rainfall has something of a cleaning effect on the smooth polished surface.
  • New, fully automatic operations permits round-the-clock operation, unattended by an operator, so production can match most companies production cycles and increase output.