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OMEC Water Clarification: How it Works

OMEC Water Clarification: How it Works

The OMEC Water Clarifying system works with two separate but integrated processes: First, we separate the clean water from the dirty water; second, we squeeze the residual mud to cakes of approximately 20% moisture, suitable for landfills.

1) Dirty water is pumped or gravity fed to sump pit (2). The sump pump sends the dirty water to the top of the silo; on the way, at (3), flocculant is introduced and causes the particulates in the water to stick to each other and fall to the conical bottom. The clean water rises to the top and is conducted back to the machinery in the factory (4). Next, we remove the mud and reduce moisture content for sending to the land fill: A valve opens periodically to purge the mud from the bottom of the cone (5). This mud goes into a waiting tank (6) which keeps it in suspension until it is pumped ( 7) into the filter press (8). On an adjustable time schedule, the water is squeezed from the mud and the cakes fall into a hopper for easy removal.