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Manufacturing in the World of Stone.


If you take material, add value and then sell it, you’re in manufacturing. Does this sound like what you do?

Whether you extract blocks from a quarry, extract blocks and process, or simply process purchased stone, you’re engaged in the business of manufacturing.

While at first blush this may not seem like stunning information, the truth is that most people in our line of work consider that they are simply in the stone business. Traditional methods and thinking are applied while equipment is purchased on a machine by machine basis. Productivity is measured in tons, cubic feet, or square feet and the activities in the conversion process are generally managed by allocation of manpower.

The odd thing is that, at the end of the day, we all measure the success of our companies in dollars.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll explore how embracing the idea that we’re in manufacturing  opens the door to applying the disciplines of say Toyota or Apple. These companies have a straight line rationale for understanding how activities on the assembly floor contribute to activity at the bank and in stakeholder wallets.

Mastering control and predictability of your operations enables clear thinking on how to make money today and more money in the future.

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Eurostone Machine is in the business of providing profit increases to our customers. We do this by offering the very best equipment available to the Stone Industry, advising our customers on the most advantageous way to integrate the equipment into the existing systems and finally by helping our customers to get control and predictability of their manufacturing profit goals.