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PELLEGRINI BLOCK CRANE SPECIFICATIONS When requesting a quotation, please be sure to advise if overhang (B) and crane travel overhang (D) is to be on both sides. Cranes can be painted to a color of your choice and with your name painted on the main beam.

WaterStorm versus Flame

WaterStorm versus Flame From the same slab, we see WaterStorm at left and Flamed at right. WaterStorm, by not heat-fracturing the stone, keeps more color. WaterStorm can also be in varying depths, from a “light” WaterStorm to a “deep” one.


PELLEGRINI FB 220 LAYOUT The actual footprint of the machine alone, without infeed and exit rollers, is 3000mm (approx 10 feet long) and 3960mm (approx 13 feet) wide. Page 2 shows FB220 together with infeed and exit rollers. These are generally supplied as very sort (2000mm – 6’-6”) length or longer. Note that sound and… Read More


FLOCCULANTS are continually getting a bad rap in our industry, even though they are absolutely necessary for protecting your machinery and enabling you to meet increasingly difficult environmental requirements. New flocculants are much more environmentally friendly today. In fact, flocculants from the same family are also being used to purify drinking water, washing fruit, etc.… Read More

OMEC Water Clarification: How it Works

OMEC Water Clarification: How it Works The OMEC Water Clarifying system works with two separate but integrated processes: First, we separate the clean water from the dirty water; second, we squeeze the residual mud to cakes of approximately 20% moisture, suitable for landfills. 1) Dirty water is pumped or gravity fed to sump pit (2). The sump… Read More